The #DollyPartonChallenge Magnified the Best and Worst of Museum Social Media Manager Life

A peek at the NY Historical Society’s response to the #DollyPartonChallenge

A tale of two #musesocial experiences

  • They have a very full schedule of marketing meetings and pre-planned social content, but noticed the #DollyPartonChallenge and immediately began thinking it over.
  • This person may have the resources of a second digital marketing team-member (who is equally busy). But they can bounce ideas off one another about what collections objects they can share as they run from meeting to meeting before lunch.
  • While eating lunch (likely at their desk, or in a meeting), this person pulls together a photoshop file on their laptop, or beg their digital design team member for a favor to squeeze it in so they can post it that afternoon ASAP. (This is social media after all!)
  • While trying to multitask in their first afternoon meeting they go over and over in their head if their caption is clever enough for this most epic meme that they know will be important. But here goes nothing. TYPE THE POST. SEND. (While simultaneously answering questions about social strategy in said meeting.)
  • Obsessively watch metrics roll in on all posts for the rest of the afternoon and attempt to just as cleverly reply to comments. If things go exceptionally well, they will try to find the time before they leave work (or stay late) to write up a team email about the smashingly successful metrics for this post, explaining why it was important to those who won’t get it.
  • They have a very full schedule of everything-under-the-sun meetings and aren’t worried about social media because they pre-schedule most content one day a week and monitor as-needed.
  • A well-meaning fellow staff member texts them the meme and asks them why they aren’t posting about something so fun that the museum could easily connect to. Their stomach drops.
  • They head to their next meeting and read up on the meme, understanding that this does look like a relevant thing to jump on, but knowing they don’t have the time (and neither does the staff who sent it.) They work on crafting a friendly reply back to the text. (They try to not be too snippy; after all, they are agitated that they don’t have 10 spare minutes to pull something together.)
  • While managing an unexpected emergency (plumbing issue in their house museum!) they get notifications popping up on their personal Facebook account from friends suggesting the museum join in. (Man, this meme is REALLY going crazy!)
  • On the train ride commute back home they catch up on all the posts that the other, bigger museums were able to do that day. Frustrated, they join in a thread in the community Facebook group with the other #musesocial managers who also didn’t have the time to post.
  • Tomorrow is a board meeting that will include a social media metrics update. And it won’t be pretty.

It’s just a meme though right?

If you made it this far, you deserve this.



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